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Thornghyll Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We are thrilled to announce the addition of two new arrivals from Minnesota.A beautiful doe kid from Avian Acres and a handsome buck from Shere Country.Both are heavy Sugar Creek lines..the buck is on the buck page,the doe is on our kids page.More pictures of everyone coming soon!

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"We started raising dairy goats in 1973, concentrating on Nubians, Alpines and Oberhasli. We showed and were evaluated by different appraisal programs. When it was time for smaller goats, we chose the Nigerians for their personality and production. We do not breed for color or blue eyes, but were lucky enough to find top quality animals with these characteristics, so kidding season will be very colorful! They have pasture, local hay, Blue Seal Caprine Pellets, free choice Poulin minerals and Harvest salt . We supplement  with alfalfa pellets,rice bran,Blue Seal MinAVite Lite,kelp,Diamond yeast and BOSS. Does are bred to freshen around their second birthday. We feel they deserve the extra time to grow and to enjoy being youngsters before taking on the responsibility of motherhood. Kids will be bottle raised on CAE prevention, be disbudded and have appropriate vaccinations. The goats we purchased were CAE/Cl negative and we have maintained a closed herd. We plan to start showing and appraising next year and will start yearly health tests. We hope to have kids available as pets, breeding and show potential. We have not finalized breeding plans, so if a particular match of buck and doe appeals to you, let us know. If the two compliment each other, we would be happy to accommodate. We will offer kids with depth of pedigree, excellent conformation and personality plus at reasonable prices so everyone can add quality to their herd. Please let us know if you have questions about our herd, Nigerians or goats in general." 

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