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We have been raising Miniature Donkeys since 1992. Drafty, correct conformation and excellent health are our primary objectives. We enjoy seeing what color the foals will be, but do not breed specifically for certain colors. We match the jack and jennet as to how they will complement each other based on pedigree and conformation. Jennets are not bred until after they are 3 years of age. They are never bred back the year they foal.

Foals are weaned no sooner than 8 months of age. We feel they need to stay with the herd for the learning experience. Most jack foals will be available as geldings. Jack foals showing promise of being herdsire material and all jennet foals are kept a minimum of 1 year, we just don't think it is possible to assess a very young foal's potential accurately until they reach 1 year of age. They can change so much in the first year of life. We want you to be pleased with any donkey purchased from us and feel the extra time to evaluate them is well worth it.

We do not sell donkeys as guardians and will not sell a single foal to a home with no other donkeys close to the same age, they may bond to other animals if forced, but they are happiest with another donkey. We will post photos of foals shortly after birth and if one catches your eye, we will be happy to provide photos and updates on a regular basis until they are ready for a new home.

In addition to pasture and locally grown hay, our donkeys are fed whole oats with Blue Seal Min A Vite Lite. During the warm weather, we add vinegar.In the winter we add beet pulp,rice bran pellets and Hay Stretchers. Free choice Buckeye minerals and Harvest salt, both loose & blocks are always available. Jennets with foals also get Blue Seal Mare & Foal.

We have a buy back guarantee, any donkey born here has a home here for life. We offer donkeys with excellent conformation and proven pedigrees at affordable prices, so that everyone is able to have quality in their herd.

Please contact us with any questions regarding our herd or donkeys in general.