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Sunset Acres Irish Rambler

D.O.B:  November 4, 2001
Height:  33"
Color: Dark Cherry Red Sorrel

S.S. Red Lightening (32" Dark Sorrel)

Sire: Circle C Black Russian (30"  Black w/ Cross NLP) 

Circle C Ebony (34" Black)


Double D Farm Johnny Cake (32" Sorrel)

Dam: Double D Fams Little Bit (31.75" Sorrel)

 Danby Farm's Susie Bell (33" Dark Sorrel)

Irish was a beautiful deep red jack which we used for one breeding season. We are very happy with the two daughters we retained, one a dark red just like dad, the other a true black. Irish is a perfect example of the proven genetics of Circle C and Sunset Acres.

Sunset Acres Irish Rambler's Photo Album