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D.O.B:  Unknown (Pre 1990)
Height: 35.5"
Color: Dark Brown

Sire: Untraced

Dam: Untraced

Maggie was one of the first jennets we acquired from Judy Ames. She is our tallest jennet, but usually produced offspring smaller than herself. She has been retired for a few years. Her age is unknown, but the vet feels she is well over 20. Our one regret is that she never had a daughter, we would loved to have had another sweet Maggie to fill her hooves when she is gone.


"We lost our beloved Maggie in December 2009. She was one of our first donkeys. She would get a drink of fresh water and stick out her tongue. Then she would come to me and want me to pet her tongue. She was gentle and loving and irreplaceable. She is waiting for us and will be the first one to greet us at the Rainbow Bridge."