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Braethorn A Fine How Do You Do

D.O.B:  August 20, 2006
Height:  28.5"
Color: White & Gray Spotted

 Dodge City Miniatures Jack of Spades (30" Smokey Black NLP)

Sire: MGF Millennium  (32.5 Black w/ cross)

MGF Venus Immortal 97  (35" Dark Brown and White Spot)


Hada Farms Spotted Tiny Tommy  (Spotted)

Dam: Braethorn Shirley's LoAss (32" White & Gray Spotted)

Brayer Patch Farm Delta Dawn (33.5" Gray)

Howdy has been gelded and is available through our Lease for Life.He would make an excellent show gelding,therapy donkey or a wonderful pet!

Braethorn A Fine How Do You Do's Photo Album